Inspired by lega­cy events that helped to shape cannabis cul­ture, the Cannabis NB Cup cel­e­brates the best in grow as decid­ed by you, our customers. 

Wel­come to the 2023 Cannabis NB Cup!

Start­ing April 20th, any cus­tomer can pur­chase a Cannabis NB Cup box while sup­plies last, and act as a judge in the Cannabis NB Cup. Win­ners in each cat­e­go­ry will be cho­sen based on judges scores. Judg­ing will remain open until June 19th. Results will be announced in late June.

Your 2023 win­ners are here!

Con­grat­u­la­tions to the win­ners of the 2023 Sati­va & Indi­ca Cannabis NB Cup!

Check below to see if your favorites won!

How this works.

We take cannabis seriously.

  • Exam­ine and expe­ri­ence the buds

    There’s a lot of detail to craft­ing pre­mi­um bud, and this is the time to take a peek at the Judge’s Book to review the cri­te­ria for each strain. From appear­ance to expe­ri­ence, you’ll want to con­sid­er every­thing. For some of these details, we’ve includ­ed a jew­ellers loop with­in your judges kit to give you a leg up on those fin­er details for bud structure. 

    Take your time – the expe­ri­ence is part of the jour­ney. We rec­om­mend try­ing one strain per day so you can dial in your notes. As you expe­ri­ence each strain, record your scores in your Judge’s Book – you’ll use these notes when you sub­mit your final scores. And hang onto that code inside your Judge’s Box – you will need that later.

  • Record your obser­va­tions & expe­ri­ence in the Judge’s Book

    Once you’ve had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exam­ine and expe­ri­ence a strain, record your obser­va­tions. Use the Judge’s Book to keep a record of the score you give each strain. Be sure to give your score for each cat­e­go­ry. Once all cat­e­gories have been com­plet­ed, tal­ly up your final score for the strain on the score­card. Again we rec­om­mend try­ing one strain per day to help keep strain expe­ri­ences sep­a­rate. This is where you put your cannabis exper­tise to the test. We’re rely­ing on you, judges!

  • Sub­mit your offi­cial scores

    Once you have expe­ri­enced all 8 strains and com­plet­ed the scor­ing in the Judge’s Book, make your votes offi­cial with our online sur­vey, avail­able exclu­sive­ly for our Judges. Vote now with the but­tons below and record your notes from your Judges Book. You will need your unique Judge’s Code (found inside the Judge’s Box) to com­plete the online survey.

Tal­lied all your scores? 

Sub­mit them now!



The Contenders: National Edition Sativa

The Contenders: National Edition Indica

The Categories.

  • Best in Grow

    Top score overall winner in all categories

  • Runner Up

    Second highest overall score in all categories

  • Honorable Mention

    Third highest overall score in all categories

  • Best Looking

    Top score for combined appearance and aroma

  • Best Experience

    Top score in consumption and experience

Thank you

Thank you to our part­ners and, all those that sub­mit­ted their scores and par­tic­i­pat­ed in the 2023 Cannabis NB Cup!

Mandatory 19+ to enter

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